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Madlenka's Dog

Full-color pictures by the author

Ages 4-8 / 40 pages
ISBN: 0-374-34699-2 / $17.00
Frances Foster Books
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ALA Notable Book
Editors' Choice
New York Times
Book Review Notable Children's Book of the Year
magazine Best Book of the Year
magazine Best Book of the Year
Family Fun
magazine Best Book of the Year
Nick, jr.
magazine Best Book of the Year

Another delightful romp around Madlenka's city block.

Madlenka wants a dog! She doesn't really care what kind, so long as it's a dog that she can put on a leash and walk around the block. But her mother and father say NO! What is Madlenka to do? It just takes some imagination . . . Madlenka's friends on the block all play along, remembering the dogs of their childhood, and in the end it seems quite possible that there's more to Madlenka's dog than we can see. With his considerable charm, Peter Sís uses lift-up flaps and peek-through windows to bring us into Madlenka's magical world where play and fantasy make wishes come true.

"Favorite characters return for more fun and games. Her persistent requests for a dog denied, Madlenka takes matters into her own hands . . ." --Publishers Weekly

"With perspectives that shift from concrete, aerial cityscapes to borderless fantasy, Sis' illustrations capture the joy and the power of imaginative play, with spare text that lets the images tell a story that is lighthearted and elegant, simple and profound." --Booklist, starred review

"Small but effective touches of warmth and color accent the drab gray of the city streets . . . this title celebrates the power of imagination and shows a child finding real joy in her community". --School Library Journal, starred review

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